ANZAC legend

The Anzacs or Australian and New Zealand Army Co.s were men who wore their colour with pride and went out to fight in the first World War one. These men were and are still famous for the battles at Gallipoli. Although it was a disaster in the amount of men lost as casualties of war to allow the British safely land and allow more supplies to reach Russia.Which desperately need supplies for they practically un-armed forces with men with pitch forks for weapons.

The theory of the  ANZAC legend is that Australian and New Zealand troops which helped to establish their countries’ reputations in the world through qualities of strength and bravery when faced with adversity. The legend is also about qualities that the Australian and New Zealand troops had which were

1. abilitity to remain cheerful with a good sense of humour.2 ability to be resourceful.3 the spirit of  ‘mate ship’.4 Australian courage. 5 idea that all people deserve the same respect.

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